Boogie on the Riverwalk 

Phone: 904-731-9883

7948 Manata St.
Jacksonville, FL 32217

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   The Jacksonville Beach Bop Association (JBBA)  was formed in                    November 1977 as a not-for-profit social organization. The JBBA is dedicated to the promotion of Beach Bop dancing.  

The "Beach Bop" is the style of dance that followed the Jitterbug in the Jacksonville, Florida area. It is called many things around the country, such as Swing, Shag,   Lindy Hop, etc. The basic steps for the Beach Bop are:
 1, 2 * 1, 2, 3 * back, 2, 3.

The music we dance to is called "Beach Music", or Rhythm and Blues music. 
It was first produced by black musicians and is not the typical 
'50s Rock and Roll music. This wonderful sound was found in some 
jukeboxes at the beach - thus the name "Beach Music". 
A lot of today's music has a rhythm and blues melody which makes it 
easy to dance to. 

Our club colors are black and white.

J.B.B.A. is a member of 
the American Bop Association. 

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